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Breakfast on Bree Street

We take breakfast-making very seriously here, using farm eggs from happy, field-roaming hens.  We love scrambled eggs, perfectly cooked so they are creamy and soft.  If you want something more than that, try one of our omelettes.   We are the "soft, eggs running-off-the-plate breakfast people" so if you like yours cooked a bit more, please just ask!  Some of our customers have this to say: Best scrambled eggs If you like scrambled eggs done properly (or poached) look no further. Moist lightly scrambled scrambled egg delight. Generous portions of smoked salmon. And french style omelletes, puffy and served with slice of lemon. Happy atmosphere with all daily newspapers for lingerers. Best eggs in town Franks is not cheap and cheerful, but you are paying for quality and it [...]

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Dark choc and almond brownie recipe

We have been making these brownies since we opened 9.5 years ago, and they never fail to disappoint. You can store these in an airtight container for about 3 days; do not refrigerate them as it makes them hard. You can also use any nuts you prefer; we use whole chopped almonds most the time as we like the texture and flavour most. These are rich, gooey, nutty and definitely good for the holidays. Ingredients 220g unsalted butter 100g dark chocolate 4 eggs, beaten 450g caster sugar 100g plain flour 2tsp baking powder 1tsp salt 220g pecan nuts, chopped Method 1 Preheat oven to 180°C 2 Grease and line in a baking tin measuring 33 x 23 cm 3 Melt the butter and chocolate together in [...]

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Sunday braai – lamb rib eye; spinach and squash salad; herb and lemon salsa

This is an easy salad for a braai - we served it with lamb rib eye and a fresh herb, lemon zest and celery salsa and a bottle of red.  Loved it. We used a kuri squash, but I don't see why this wouldn't work with any squash. 900g squash 30g brown sugar salt oil oil, to coat the squash 200g spinach leaves, chiffonade if not baby leaves handful of fresh herbs (I used basil and chives) 225g button mushrooms, wiped clean and quartered 20g barberries 90ml extra virgin olive oil 20ml verjuice Grated lime zest Salt and pepper -preheat oven to 180 deg centigrade -toss the pumpkin in the salt, sugar and olive oil, transfer to a baking tray and roast for approx. 20 minutes, turning [...]

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1st Thursdays on Bree – gin cocktails and street food

Join us in getting festive this First Thursday, 6 December.  We will be keeping our doors open til late; quenching your thirst with classic gin cocktails, beer on tap and a hand-picked selection of wines by the glass; and keeping you well fed with a tasty street food menu. Bookings recommended; please email us to do so

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EatOut: Where to get great pies in Cape Town

Warm up your winter with these cosy spots around Cape Town that serve up killer pies. From classic country-style chicken pies to decadent versions filled with unctuous lamb or mac and cheese, these places have got your comfort food cravings covered.Café Frank (Century City and City Bowl)This harvest-table restaurant is popular with the working lunch crowd. Check the daily menu to see which flavours and ingredients are being used for the day’s wholesome lunch offering. On the pie front, you can look forward to phyllo-wrapped fillings like roasted chicken and leek; lamb, pea and mint; beef and mushroom; and a wintery pork and red cabbage version. All lunch plates are served with a salad of your choice.http://www.eatout.co.za/article/get-great-pies-cape-town/

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