We take breakfast-making very seriously here, using farm eggs from happy, field-roaming hens.  We love scrambled eggs, perfectly cooked so they are creamy and soft.  If you want something more than that, try one of our omelettes.   We are the “soft, eggs running-off-the-plate breakfast people” so if you like yours cooked a bit more, please just ask!  Some of our customers have this to say:

If you like scrambled eggs done properly (or poached) look no further. Moist lightly scrambled scrambled egg delight. Generous portions of smoked salmon. And french style omelletes, puffy and served with slice of lemon. Happy atmosphere with all daily newspapers for lingerers.

Franks is not cheap and cheerful, but you are paying for quality and it is always worth it. The egg’s are a must for breakfast, and the chicken+roast veg for lunch.
It is nice to know that every time I go, I will get consistent service and quality which is important to me.

We had an early morning quick breakfast and enjoyed the excellent coffee and croissants served with delicious jam. There is also freshly squeeze juices, muesli, yoghurt and other patisserie. The service was good and the atmosphere is friendly and inviting. There are clean toilets on site and off street paid parking available.

Just saw this casual little cafe whilst searching for a place to have brekki. Outstanding croissants and delicious bacon, feta, Avocado Omelette. Highly recommended.