When a coffee shop or restaurant undergoes a name change it’s only natural to assume that the ownership has changed too.  But when such a space changes its name for other reasons, all of which are positive, it’s good to know what it’s all about.

In May, Bree Street’s Rotisserie 360 undertook the new title of Café Frank. The reason? Owner Debbie Wynne explains that a fresh new offering deserves a fresh new name that encompasses the entire offering and not only one part of it (i.e. the rotisserie side of things.) She also adds jokingly that nobody could spell ‘rotisserie’ correctly.

So what is the new offering all about? Well, there’s the lovely new indoor area, an added range of delicious deli and ready-made fare and as of this weekend they’ll be open on Saturdays. For the creatures of habit you will be pleased to know that the coffee is still great and that your favourite Rotisserie 360 breakfast and lunch options are still very much available only now you can also pick up a freshly made pasta for dinner, a selection of cured meats and cheese for that romantic picnic or a portion of marinated Karoo lamb or venison to throw on the braai. You’ll also find a selection of desserts, preserves and other accompaniments to add to the mix.

Café Frank will be open on Saturdays from 8am to 2pm and from this weekend until the end of November they will be running a R10 coffee weekend special.



021 423 0360

160 Bree Stree