Fragrant Thai chicken noodle R65|R95|R130

Harissa lamb w lemon yoghurt R65|R95|R130

Pumpkin + ginger R50|R95|R130

Lunch plates
Includes 1 side. R25 per extra side
Free-range chicken + leek phyllo pie R75
Free-range rotisserie chicken quarter R85
Mexican beef phyllo pie R88
Butternut + feta quiche R70

Brown rice + cranberries (vg)
Roast allspice cauliflower (vg)
Tahini-curry roast potatoes (warm) (vg)
Coleslaw w cranberries + almonds (v)
Beetroot, apple + carrot salad (vg)
Garden salad (vg)
Roast root veggies (warm)

Berry crumble cake R30 with cream R40
Dark choc and almond brownies R18
Milk tartlets R20

Beetroot, apple + ginger
Pure orange

vg = vegan | v = vegetarian

Weekly specials

Coffee Kick R20 coffee
Monday – Saturday
8am – 9am

Coffee + Eggs Scrambled eggs, toast, coffee/OJ R45
Monday – Friday
9am – 10am

9am – 12pm

Pie en slaai
12pm – 3pm
Chicken + leek pie w slaw R65

Terms and conditions apply to specials