19 July

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Warm superbowl
Pesto courgette w quinoa, roast tomato + avo
w baby leaves + green beans 60
add poached egg 10 / sesame tofu 35 / chicken 35 / avo 25

Mughlai chicken curry 
with Basmati rice, toasted almonds + green beans 120
(mild and creamy)

12th birthday campaign
This month we celebrate our 12th birthday, and as part
of our celebration we are donating R5 for every soup sold
to Abalimi Bezekhaya, a non-profit org that helps communities
start and maintain organic veg gardens.
Read more about this org here.

Soups 350ml; 500ml; 1L
Chicken, barley + mushroom 65; 85; 120 (gf)
Roast tomato + basil 45; 65; 90 (v+; gf)
Cheese toastie on wholewheat sourgough
sourdough, 100% rye, wholewheat sourdough, gluten free 10

Lunch plates
Prices are for main item
and 1; 2; 3 salads

Free-range rotisserie chicken quarter 90; 100; 120 (gf)
Free-range chicken and leek phyllo pie 80; 90; 110
Venison bobotie phyllo pie 90; 100; 120
Spinach + vegan feta phyllo pie 75; 85; 105 (v+)

Side salads
Lemon quinoa w courgette + cranberries (v+; gf)
Creamed spinach (v)
Mash + onion gravy (v+; gf)
Green salad (v+; gf)
Roast veggies (v+; gf)
Rotisserie potatoes (gf)
Cranberry coleslaw (v; gf)

v=vegetarian / v+=vegan / gf=gluten free