23 Feb

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Sesame-seared yellowfin tuna + mango salad
with cucumber, spring onion, baby leaves
and a sesame-lime-chilli dressing 165

Super bowl 
Asian-style black rice, broccoli + cucumber
with carrot, pickled radish, baby leaves + a ginger dressing 60

Add: roast chicken 40 / sesame tofu 35
poached egg 10

Lunch plates
Prices are for main item
plus 1, 2 or 3 sides

Free-range rotisserie chicken quarter 90; 100; 120
Free-range chicken and leek phyllo pie 80; 90; 110
Boeuf Bourguignon phyllo pie 95; 105; 125
Vegan spanakopita phyllo pie 80; 90; 110 (v+)

Side salads
Moroccan carrot + chickpea w bulgur (v+)
Minted grilled courgette (v+; gf)
Zesty baby potato (v+; gf)
Green salad (v+; gf)
Cranberry coleslaw (v; gf)

Warm sides
Rotisserie potatoes and onions (gf)
Roast root veggies (v+;gf)

v=vegetarian / v+=vegan / gf=gluten free

Order for pick-up or delivery