23 Jan 2023

Caesar salad w a soft-poached egg,
pecorino shavings, Cos leaves + croutons 85
(no anchovies)

Add: chicken 45 / anchovies 15 / bacon 30
extra egg 11 / avo 30

Green ‘detox’ soup 350ml; 500ml
Spinach, kale, broccoli, courgette,
fennel, herbs + spices 55; 75
served with savoury courgette bread (gf) 25

Superbowl (v+)
Turmeric bulgur, roast pumpkin + cauliflower
with cranberries, pepitas + baby leaves 65

swap chilled spinach for bulgar 25

Add: avo 30 / sesame tofu 35 / feta 15
roast chicken 45 / poached egg 11

Lunch plates
R90 with 1 side
R115 with 2 sides
Salad plate R25 per salad
Add sauerkraut 25

Free-range rotisserie chicken quarter
Free-range chicken and leek phyllo pie
Venison bobotie phyllo pie
French spinach quiche (v)

Side salads
Green herb salad w toasted cashews (v+; gf)
German-style baby potato (v; gf)
Garden salad (v+; gf)
Sweet + sour slaw (v+; gf)
Cranberry coleslaw (v; gf)
Soy-roast pumpkin w rocket (v+; gf)

Warm sides
Rotisserie potatoes and onions (gf)

v=vegetarian / v+=vegan / gf=gluten free (v)