Soups 350ml; 1L
350ml includes bread and butter
Chicken, mushroom and bean R65; R105
Pumpkin, ginger and coconut R55; R90 (vg; gf)

Lunch plates
Includes 1 side. R28 per extra side
F/r rotisserie chicken quarters R88 (gf)
F/r chicken and leek phyllo pie R58 100g / R78 200g
Boeuf Bourguignon phyllo pie R91

Side salads
Baby potato with homemade mayo and gherkin (vg, gf)
Chopped Israeli salad (vg,gf)
Roast pumpkin (warm)(gf)

Fig brownies R22
Milk tartlets R20
Nutty wholewheat banana bread R20
Big date balls; Coconut-cacao date balls R15 (vg,gf)

Juices (vg,gf)
Beetroot and apple
Pure orange
Ginger shot