30 July

Join us today for mimosas
to celebrate the end of our 12th birthday month

(we can’t remember the exact date we opened,
so we just celebrate every day in July)

Order for pick-up or delivery

Warm superbowl
Glazed sweet potato wedges, black rice + green beans
w roast tomatoes, baby leaves + pumpkin seeds 60

add: chicken 35 / avo 25 /
poached egg 10 / sesame tofu 35 /

Our 1 liter soup sale is still on!
Order now for supper tonight.
(comes in a handy freezer-friendly container)

Soups 350ml; 500ml; 1L
Hungarian beef goulash 65; 85; 120 (gf)
Chicken + veg broth 65; 85; 120 (gf)
Pea, mint + coriander 45; 65; 90 (v+; gf)
Add: Cheese toastie on wholewheat s/dough 40
Add bread + butter per slice 10
s/dough, 100% rye, wholewheat s/dough, gluten free

Lunch plates
Prices are for main item
and 1; 2; 3 salads

Free-range rotisserie chicken quarter 90; 100; 120 (gf)
Free-range chicken and leek phyllo pie 80; 90; 110
Venison bobotie phyllo pie 90; 100; 120
Spinach + vegan feta phyllo pie 75; 85; 105 (v+)

Side salads
Lemon quinoa w courgette (v+; gf)
Cauliflower cheese bake (v)
Zesty sumac baby potato salad (v+; gf)
Green salad (v+; gf)
Roast veggies (v+; gf)
Rotisserie potatoes (gf)
Cranberry coleslaw (v; gf)

v=vegetarian / v+=vegan / gf=gluten free

Order for pick-up or delivery