4 April 2023

Menu change and price increase
Please note that the prices of some of our items have gone up and we
have also made a few small changes to our breakfast menu.

The new menu in PDF format is available for download from the website.

Pickled hake with Cape seed loaf and herb salad R115

Soup 350ml; 500ml; 1L
Chicken + black bean chowder 65; 85; 150
Pea, mint + coriander 45; 65; 120

Add bread + butter per slice
savoury loaf 25 (gf)
sourdough, 100% rye, wholewheat sourdough 10
cheese toastie on wholewheat sourdough 50
cheese toastie on ciabatta 55

Superbowl (v+; gf)
Mexican black bean, corn, cucumber, red pepper,
paprika dressing, guacamole + corn chips 70

Add: avo 30 / roast chicken 50 / grilled steak 55
sesame tofu 35 / poached egg 11 / feta 15

Lunch plates
R100 with 1 side
R130 with 2 sides
Salad plate R30 per salad

Free-range roast chicken quarter
Free-range chicken + leek phyllo pie
French spinach quiche (v)
Venison bobotie

Side salads
Herb salad w broccoli + cashews (v+; gf)
Soy-roast pumpkin w rocket (v+; gf)
Zesty baby potato w pea (v+;gf)
Garden salad (v+; gf)
Cranberry coleslaw (v; gf)

Warm sides
Rotisserie potatoes and onions (gf)

v=vegetarian / v+=vegan / gf=gluten free (v)