5 February 2024

Important notice

We will unexpectedly be short of staff this week.
We will not accept any WhatsApp, email or phone messages after 11h00.
If you place an order after 11h00 this week, do so online.

Grilled flat-iron steak + artichoke salad
with pecorino, beetroot, baby leaves,
crispy capers + sourdough 115

Add: anchovies 15 / avo 35 / poached egg 12

Sushi-style simmered aubergine
edamame beans, chilled cucumber + spinach,
w sushi rice and a soy-tahini dressing 75

roast chicken 50 / grilled steak 55
avo 35 / sesame tofu 35
feta 15 / poached egg 12

Choose a main with 1 or 2 sides
R100 with 1 side
R130 with 2 sides
R160 with 3 sides

Herb-citrus rotisserie chicken with mayonnaise
Chicken + leek phyllo pie
Venison bobotie phyllo pie
Spinach polenta tart
Cape Malay yellowtail

Side salads
Garden salad
Herb salad w/ broccoli + cashews
Cranberry coleslaw w cashews
Spring herb + veg Basmati rice
Sweet + sour slaw
French potato salad

Warm sides
Rotisserie potatoes and onions