LUNCH 11H30 – 14H30

Chicken mayo w gherkin 74
Club (chicken mayo + bacon) 85
Pastrami, cheddar, chutney, gherkins 92
Mature cheddar, chutney, tomato, gherkin 74

available in 3 sizes 350ml; 500ml; 1L
Chicken and black bean chowder R60; R80; R140 (gf)
Harira lamb R65; R89; R170 (gf)
Cauliflower with mustard croutons R40; R60; 95 (v)
Sourdough and butter R10 per slice

Includes 1 side. R28 per extra side
Free-range rotisserie chicken quarter R88 (gf)
Free-range chicken and leek phyllo pie R78
Venison bobotie phyllo pie R86
Mushroom and cashew phyllo pie R73 (v+)

Sweet potato and coconut gratin (v+; gf)
Green bean and aubergine (v+; gf)
Rotisserie root veg (gf)
Cranberry coleslaw (gf)
Lemon quinoa w courgette (v+; gf)

1KG PHYLLO PIES (unbaked)
Chicken and leek 190
Venison bobotie 250
Mushroom and cashew 170

Milk tartlets R25
Carrot cake w cream cheese icing 35
Nutty wholewheat banana bread 20
Big date balls 15 (v+; gf)
Brownies 25
Granola bars 25 (gf)
Ginger cookies 13