9 February 2024

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Caesar salad w a soft-poached egg,
pecorino shavings, Cos leaves + croutons 90
(no anchovies)

Add: chicken 50 / anchovies 15 / bacon 40
extra egg 12 / avo 35

Pesto courgette, bulgar, broccoli + avo
w roast rosa tomatoes + pepitas 75

roast chicken 50 / grilled steak 55
avo 35 / sesame tofu 35
feta 15 / poached egg 12

Choose a main with 1 or 2 sides
R100 with 1 side
R130 with 2 sides
R160 with 3 sides

Herb-citrus rotisserie chicken with mayonnaise
Chicken + leek phyllo pie
Stella’s beef + herb patties w tomato relish
Ricotta + courgette balls in tomato sauce

Side salads
Garden salad
Herb salad w/ broccoli + cashews
Cranberry coleslaw w cashews
Brown rice w mango + coconut
Zesty potato salad
Chopped salad

Warm sides
Rotisserie potatoes and onions