Chicken and mango salad R75
with buckwheat noodles, cucumber and a coconut dressing
Optional extras: tofu R25; avo R25; feta R25

Lunch plates
Includes 1 side. R28 per extra side
F/r rotisserie chicken quarter R88 (gf)
F/r chicken and leek phyllo pie R58 100g / R78 200g
Malay beef phyllo pie R91
Mushroom and red onion quiche R73 (v)

Side salads
Potato salad with egg, red onion + homemade mayo (v,gf)
Herb couscous (vg)
Nectarine + green bean salad  (vg, gf)
Coleslaw w cranberries , almonds + homemade mayo (v, gf)
Beetroot, carrot + dill (vg,gf)
Garden salad (vg,gf)
Roast root veggies (warm)(gf)

Milk tartlets R20
Old-fashioned chocolate cake R35 (v)
Dark choc + almond brownies R18
Date chocolate brownies R20 (vg,gf)
Big date balls R12 (vg,gf)

Juices (vg,gf)
Pure orange
Celery, cucumber, apple + spinach
Ginger shot