350ml | 500ml
served w bread + butter

Chicken + lemon soup
R60|R95 (v)

1L soups
R130 + R30 jar deposit
Bread not incl
Take away only

Sweet potato, black bean chili
Served w guacamole + flat bread R75

Lunch plates
Includes 1 side. R25 per extra side
F/r chicken + leek phyllo pie R75
F/r rotisserie chicken quarter R85 (gf)
Harissa lamb phyllo pie R88
Spinach + feta quiche R70 (v)

Brown rice w cranberries + herbs (vg,gf)
Roast broccoli + cauliflower w allspice (vg,gf)
Curry potato salad (vg,gf)
Coleslaw w cranberries + almonds (v,gf)
Beetroot, apple + carrot salad (vg,gf)
Garden salad (vg,gf)
Roast root veggies (warm)(gf)

Composed salad
with trout  R120
Avo, broccoli, cucumber, soba noodles
with a soy-ginger dressing (gf)
(can swap noodles for baby leaves)

Carrot cake, w cream cheese icing, topped w pecan nuts R30
Milk tartlets R20
Dark choc and almond brownies R18
Black bean chocolate brownies R20 (vg,gf)

Juices (vg,gf)
Carrot, apple + ginger
Pure orange

vg = vegan | v = vegetarian | gf = gluten free