Soups 350ml | 500ml | 1L  (350ml + 500ml served w bread + butter)

Split pea and bacon R65|R95|R130

Roast pumpkin with ginger R55|R95|R130


Sweet potato + black bean chilli R75, served w guacamole + flatbread

Lunch plates. Includes 1 side. R25 per extra side

Free-range chicken + leek phyllo pie R75

Free-range rotisserie chicken quarter R85

Braised lamb + onion phyllo pie R88

Leek + pecorino quiche R70


Tabbouleh (vg)

Spinach, broccoli and herbs (vg)

Masala-curry roast potatoes (warm) (vg)

Beetroot, apple + carrot salad (vg)

Garden salad (vg)

Roast root veggies (warm)


Carrot + pecan nut w cream cheese icing R25

Dark choc and almond brownies R18

Milk tartlets R20


Naartjie + pineapple

Pure orange

vg = vegan | v = vegetarian