350ml | 500ml
served w bread + butter

Green gazpacho (cold soup)
R55|R95 (vg)

1L soups
R130 + R30 jar deposit
Bread not incl
Take away only

Lunch plates
Includes 1 side. R25 per extra side
F/r chicken + leek phyllo pie R75
F/r rotisserie chicken quarter R85 (gf)
Harissa lamb potato phyllo pie R88
Leek + pecorino quiche R70 (v)

Chickpea salad w a yoghurt dressing (v, gf)
Raw spinach, mushroom + green beans (vg,gf)
Baby potatoes w olive oil, lemon + parsley (vg,gf)
Cranberry coleslaw + almonds (v,gf)
Beetroot, apple + carrot salad (vg,gf)
Garden salad (vg,gf)
Roast root veggies (warm)(gf)

Composed salad
with trout  R120 | with sesame tofu R80 (vg)
Avo, broccoli, cucumber, soba noodles
with a soy-ginger dressing (gf)
(can swap noodles for baby leaves)

Old fashioned chocolate cake R30
Milk tartlets R20
Dark choc and almond brownies R18
Black bean chocolate brownies R20 (vg,gf)

Juices (vg,gf)
Pineapple, apple + ginger
Pure orange

vg = vegan | v = vegetarian | gf = gluten free