Special: Sweet potato and black bean chilli, served with guacamole and flat bread    R75 / Take home R260 (serves 4)

Soup: Potato , kohlrabi and leek R55 | R95 | R130

Soup: Hungarian beef Goulash R65 | R95 | R130



Soup: Harira vegetable with barley and chickpeas R55 | R95 | R130

Soup: Lemon chicken with orzo R60 | R95 | R130



Special: Creamy peri-peri free-range chicken livers, served with sourdough and a garden salad R75

Soup: Chicken and vegetable broth R60 | R95 | R130

Soup: Broccoli and leek R55 | R95 | R130



Special: Harissa lamb stew-soup  R65 | R95 | R130

Soup: Harissa chickpea soup R55 | R95 | R130



Special: Pie en Slaai – chicken and leek pie with slaw R65. | Take home 4 pies + slaw R240

Soup: Thai chicken and noodle broth R65 | R95 | R130

Soup: Miso pumpkin R55 | R95 | R130


Soup prices are for 350ml | 500ml | 1 liter

350ml and 500ml include bread (seed loaf; sourdough rye; 100% rye; white; brown; gluten free)

We recommend ordering ahead for 1 liter soups and take home meals.