Founded in 2009 in Cape Town, Café Frank is a fast-casual eatery that offers fresh, wholesome food prepared from scratch daily using sustainable, locally sourced, seasonal produce.

At Café Frank, our approach is to strip down traditional restaurant dining to offer something more honest. Our food is fresh, fast, simple, responsible and fuss-free. Our space is an upmarket canteen offering fast-casual dining in a sleek and beautiful café environment.

The menu is determined by the weather and what is good to eat now. We source our produce from local suppliers that share our belief in caring for the environment and it’s inhabitants.  We encourage you to look at the food on display, make your choice then sit down and enjoy.  Café Frank is open for breakfast, lunch, private functions and catering.  We also do bicycle deliveries to the surrounding offices and offer take-home supper options.

Some of our local, responsible suppliers include:-

Elgin free range chickens 

Elgin chickens live in a spacious, stress-free environment; are fed on a quality grain diet with no added antibiotics or growth promoters.

Usana pasture-reared eggs

Happy chickens lay good eggs. The chickens are roam free on the farm pastures, living off bugs and grass. At night they roost in mobile caravans that are moved from pasture to pasture as required.  Also the family that runs the farm are some of the nicest, friendliest people who also make great wine.

Abalimi Bezekhaya/ Harvest of Hope

A community farming organisation connecting micro-farmers with potential customers.  They do so much more than that and I suggest you read their website to see the extent of the work they do and the impact they make.

Ryan Boon speciality meats

A speciality butcher supplying pasture-reared, sustainably-sourced meat to the restaurant industry.  And we really love his biltong.

Jason bakery

Our local (across the street!) artisan bakery with an unwavering commitment to authentic production methods.

These core values guide us in our everyday duties and decision-making to make sure we stay true to our promise of always preparing good food whilst taking care to be respectful of all elements required to make the business run.

Be respectful

of our planet, of others, of plants and animals.

Be sustainable

by minimising the negative impact on our environment and encouraging positive impact.

Be frank

The reason for our name; our food and our employees are open, honest, natural, real and sincere

Be better

by encouraging each other to grow, learn and be bold so we can reach our dreams and have a better life for all